Thursday, May 10, 2001

I'm in Europe dude!

Hey Team,

Well, again, like Peru and Bolivia in 2004, I'm actually sitting at home, filling this in. 2001 was long before I had much clue about blogs or internet, so it's going to be an interesting journey of reminiscing to put this one up.

I traveled with my best friend from College Dan Kraus, heading to France, Italy and Switzerland. The trip happened because his feature length documentary film "Jefftowne" (available on Troma DVD, was being shown at the Cannes film market.

We both thought "hmmm, trip to Europe. Cannes. Let's go!"

This was my first International trip ever. (Well, other than a cruise when I was 16 that had stopped at some ports in the Carribbean, and the requisite just moved to LA trip to Tijuana, Mexico. (Yikes)). But this was the first real traveling in a foreign land. Backpacks on our backs (I still use the same one I bought for this trip). Cameras on our hips. (Well, more me than Dan, I was the mega picture taker and still am). Adventure in our hearts.

It was a grand journey, 3 1/2 weeks of awesome. Cannes, Rome, Venice, Interlaken.

It'll be fun to go back and fill in the gaps for all my traveling friends.

Stay tuned,