Sunday, July 13, 2014

GOAL!!!! -- or I'm in Frickin' Brazil!

Hi Team!

That´s right, a new adventure has begun. This time: Brazil!

(There will be a number of these travel updates over the next three weeks, so as always, if you´d rather not hear tales of fun, travel, and adventure please let me know and ~I´ll take you off the list. But if you enjoy them... read on!)

I indeed did come for the end of the World Cup. It took a lot of work to get here, much more than I~ve had for the last few trips, but thankfully it worked out and I~m here in Brasilia (captial of Brazil) where last night Devin and I went to see the 3rd/4th place game between Brazil and Netherlands. It was AWESOME! So exciting to be here. The spirti in the stadium was fabulous. Our seats were great thanks to our friends Olga and David who had extra tickets they sold us. It was really a great moment. Especially to share it with one of my best friends, Devin, who is a big time Futbol fan and someone I love to travel with, even though we haven~t had a chance in quite some time to do so. But here we are! And this is our first international trip together. So far so good...

Today we~re going to catch the Fan Fest of the Final here in Brasilia. To get to Rio would have cost us a lot...

and i~m about to run out of time on the internet, so this will have to continue soon!…..

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